Improve pipeline quality

Companies spend hundred of thousand of £££ to acquire new customers and keep them.

Even more time is spent on chasing monkey dust. Playing a game that you are never going to win.

You’ve got to pick your battles.

Trying by all your might on converting pipeline into forecasted deals is a fruitless activity if the customer is never going to buy. Even though sales guys have the rose tinted glasses on, loving the deal, carrying the ball up that pitch.

In doing so, they bring valuable resource, such as technicians, engineers or product specialists with them. Their bosses go out and spend money visiting this potential new customer. When it comes to forecasting; it’s a mile off. The contact disappears, the opportunity goes with it and your left scratching your head wandering why the goal was never scored, as it seemed like a penalty kick into an open net….

…Does this sound about right? Often when companies use specialist in outsourcing their lead generation services, what the sales guys get is, junk- why? Because to the contractor tasked with getting the leads it is a numbers game. They get paid on appointments that end up…well you can guess…

Game Face UK provides a service that improves the quality of your pipeline, improves your chances of scoring that goal and not scratching your head.

Our GAMEON©, SCORE© and WIN© methodologies are followed to a tee, to provide your business with the best quality of pipeline and qualified leads, that will increase your close ratio, improve your cost of sale and enable opportunities in the pipeline to progress faster, resulting in improved revenue and of course better insight into your customers.