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SME UK/ Ireland – Game Face UK 2017 Sales and Marketing Survey Results

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Wanting to be better, is not enough…

Game Face UK recently undertook a survey of 500 SME’s across UK & Ireland.

The respondents to our survey are a healthy mix of business owners, VP’s, Directors and Managers from sales and marketing functions.

The results to this survey show, that even though the majority of organisations have a dedicated sale force and marketing function and a will to expand, be more proactive and improve in these areas to allow for business growth ; there a budgetary constraints, time constraints, resource issues and having the right knowledge and systems in place that is preventing this happen.

You could have all the will in the world, but without the investment and finding the time and resources along with the know how this is never going to happen.

What our research shows

Out of 500 SME’s questioned on our survey, 75% of respondents had informed us that they had dedicated sales and marketing teams; however, 70% claim that their sales and marketing teams do not conform to expected standards.

Alarming; that only 5% of companies that have sales and marketing functions feel that their sales and marketing functions are performing to expectations – this is a positive sign though; as it shows that most companies are seeking to improve their revenue by selling more…so it has given me a good feeling that our SME’s are a competitive and hungry bunch. This is confirmed by 65% of companies that feel they can expand on their addressable market.

When delving further, our research goes onto show that 65% of companies do not have a sales methodology in place and 70% of SME’s do not provide career development or training programs for their sales and marketing staff.

Say what?

I’ll repeat- let me paint the picture. Companies have sales and marketing staff. Companies want to expand their addressable market. But companies feel their sales and marketing staff are not performing to required standards; even though there are no sales methodologies OR development or training programs in place for their staff, who are aimed, at helping expand those addressable markets….you see where I’m going with this now, right?

Delving Deeper

So, I was interested now. We wanted to establish the areas that they felt they could improve in. The results where common and as expected:

  • 90% of companies felt that they could be more proactive and that the velocity of their sales cycle could improve – again, completely understandable, given that this will increase the bottom line.
  • Over 80% of organisations want to improve their pipeline generation; their knowledge and implementation of digital marketing strategies – (great that companies want to embrace technology)- this shows desire for evolution and improvement.
  • Finally over 50% of SME’s across the UK and Ireland would like to have a better relationship with customers and partners, a better understanding of why they win and lose business; a want to launch new products and services, win business in new markets and improve the quality of their sales and marketing functions.

So Why Not Just Do It?

Good question, the majority of our respondents came back with 3 main reasons as to why they could not deliver on the aforementioned areas of improvement. Reasons they could not convert their “I want” into “I have” .

Budget, time and resources were the top 3 reasons; but also not having the right CRM systems, skill sets and knowledge in place were other reasons why companies could not execute to their areas of identified improvements. Should these reasons really prevent your business from reaching it’s maximum potential and performing at optimum standards?


It is clear to me, that companies have to balance many challenges in other areas of the business; and not just on executing great sales and marketing.

These aspects are not exhaustive and include the delivery of great products and services and evolving of the same, there are implications of Brexit and taxes, legal, research and development, disruptive technology, along with a million other To-Do’s in the day of the life of exec’s and company owners, in order to get around to or have the cash to make these improvements happen.

At Game Face UK- we provide a full range sales, marketing, business development and training services that will cover off these challenges, improving your bottom line, developing your sales force, embracing go to market technologies and strategies along with the digital presence of your company, allowing you to free up the time and budgets to deal with other areas of your business.

Our packages are designed with you in mind and you can find out more about them here

To book an appointment with us, call Jonny on- 07912877062. It’s time to get your game face on to get what you want!



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